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Challenge Enterprises 100 years

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The infinite future challenges in Yujin!

We, YUJIN, have been the leading manufacturer not only for the Rolling Stock components division but also for the Industrial Compressor design/production division in Korea for the last 40 years with constant challenge, and we are the specialized company who has the great responsibility as a part of nation's key industry.
With constant R&D and Innovation we are targeting to be the leading world-class company in the world responding in advance on the rapidly changing industry environment and technology improvement.

Yujin Vision- Global Korea is beyond a constant research and development and technological innovation reborn as a world-class enterprise Yujin Machinery Ltd.: technology companies to jump.

  • Management of Technology-Enhance technology competitiveness through product research and development
  • quality management-Enhanced quality competitiveness through innovation in product quality
  • talent management-Strengthening competitiveness through human resources development talent