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Challenge Enterprises 100 years

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YUJIN, a young firm pursuing first-class technology, awaits people having creativity and challenging spirit.
Design your future at YUJIN, a young company having a dream of leading railway vehicle component market and industrial compressor market in the world, having value that technology determines the future of company.

Screening procedure of regular recruitment

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Qualified occupations for application

Qualified occupations for application
Type Duty Details of duty
Research Research and development Development of new products / product designing
Sales Domestic and overseas sales / sales management Customer communication and settlement / management of customer information / customer support / sales management
Production Production management / materials management / quality management Detailed business on production, material, and quality
Management Human resources /general affairs/ accountancy General affairs/public welfare/personnel labor/training and education/accounting/tax affairs/settlement/funds
Manufacture Production and manufacture Assembly/processing and field works

Ideal personnel of YUJIN(裕鎭人)

"Practical autonomous person"having sound professionalism

What is professionalism?
To firmly aware of one's duties as a member of a group. To be an active person who tries to perform his roles autonomously with such professionalism.

"Developmental expert" who develops his abilities with adventurous attitudes

A person who makes continuous endeavors to develop his capabilities with active and adventurous attitudes, considering individual capability as that of company and individual competitiveness as being connected to that of company

유진의 인재상-임원, 팀장, 팀원이 갖추어야 할 능력

YUJIN is a company that prioritizes teamwork more than individual and is operated by full of personnel faithful to the basics and by many young people who can create new values as the main agent of change

Personnel management system

Basic operation policy
Basic operation
  • Establishment of evaluation system for development of talent
  • Establishment of evaluation system inducing participation, which can diversify individual feedbacks and purpose of utilization of result of performance assessment
  • Establishment of reliability in evaluation according to the performance of annual salary system
  • Effective organization management and maximization of synergy effects from the introduction of group assessment
of assessment system
  • assessment of Additional points
  • Release of assessment results
  • Regularization of assessment interview system and reinforcement of the use of obligated assessment (materials about promotion, reward, rearrangement, training and education)
  • Multidimensional evaluation system
Wage system
  • Establishment of capability and performance-centered reward system
  • Individual motivation and promotion of spirits with capability-based reward system
  • Securement and development of excellent personnel via competitive wage (realization of individual wage management system considering market value)
  • Application of annual salary system for all general employees (administrative management)
  • Management of individual annual salary
  • Introduction of PLUS-SUM system rather than ZERO-SUM
  • Operation of Piece-rate payment-by-result system

Welfare system

Welfare for satisfying all employees' various needs of welfare

  • Support for children's school expenses
  • Various rewards (plaques, souvenirs, and overseas trip): Reward for long service / Reward to excellent employee / Reward to excellent department / Reward for achievement / Reward for suggestion
  • Presents (three times a year: Lunar New Year's Day / Labor Day / Thanksgiving Day)
  • Other welfare: Support for company picnic, year-end party, in-house social gathering, sports festival, and autumn hiking, operation of commuting bus, national pension, unemployment insurance, health insurance, and occupational health and safety insurance
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