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YUJIN Railway Vehicle Component  철도차량 제품소개

 YUJIN Machinery Ltd. manufactures and supplies various rolling stock components such as Brake Control Units, Air Supply systems, and also Bogie brake systems with the exceptional Sales team, R&D staff, well organized quality control system and competitive production line.
We will do our roles and responsibilities as a global leading railway vehicle components supplier with specialized technology know-hows, better quality and price competitiveness.

YUJIN Air Compressor  컴프레서 홈페이지

 Based on the expert design and manufacturing of rolling stock Screw Air Compressor, YUJIN Machinery Ltd. has constantly developed high efficiency Screw Air End and Industrial Air Compressor(Micos series) with advanced technology. In line with high-end technology and Quality Control system of Railway sector, we are making high quality Industrial Air Compressor and will be the leading company of total Compressor maker in not only domestic but also overseas market.

YUJIN Electric Ltd.

 YUJIN Eledtric Ltd. is in charge of R&D and manufacture of electric/electronic components in Railway business. Acquiring the certificate of Venture Enterprise, YUJIN Eledtric Ltd is successfully carrying out the important roles on harmonizing the hardware and software in railway component business with the high-tech Electronic Control Unit, Test Equipments and Simulation Equipments.

YUJIN Rollingstock Ltd.

 YUJIN Rollingstock Ltd. is specialized in maintenance & overhaul of railway vehicles on the basis of experiences and know-how from the parent company, YUJIN Machinery Ltd. And YUJIN Rollingstock is doing light and heavy maintenance in End User’s depot and getting good reputation form customers.