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Challenge Enterprises 100 years

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The symbol embodying initials of YUJIN is in circle shape to indicate harmony on the inside and railroad, which is YUJIN's business item, on the outside and two semicircles express the image of abundant harmony based on balance. Blue color indicates development and is ideality and confidence of YUJIN on the basis of continuous researches and efforts.

Symbol mark-color and grayscale


English logo is mainly used and the logo made of Korean and Chinese characters are made creatively, considering the mark and image of the company.



Top-bottom combination applies fundamentally and horizontal combination uses the symbol and English combination fundamentally.

Signature- horizontal combination

Color system

Blue is the basic color and combination of blue, gray, and silver applies in various ways.

Color system-cmyk color : c100+M80, pantone color : pantone 661 CVC, pantone color : pantone420 cvc, pantone color : pantone 423 CVC