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Test Equipment


Dynamometer Specification
rated capacity 1040 kw nominal torque 6363 Nm
max speed 3000 min-1 max. brake torque 35000 Nm
max diamater test specimen 1300 mm brake force 35~120kN
brake torque by torque flange ± 35000Nm brake torque by load cell ±13.75kNm/(±12.5kN) _ ±27.5kNm / (±25kN)
brake pressure max 10 bar/release parking brake : max 6bar dimensions (l*b*h) 12m * 3.7m * 3.4m
weight dynamometer appr. 60ton Test size 1,200 mm
Max. weight of test piece 1,000 kg Max. Speed 500 km/h
Max. Torque 35,000 Nm Max. Mechanical inertia 2,400 kgm2
Max. Electrical 2,000 kgm2 Motor Power 1,100 kw
Weight 60 ton
Brake Dynamometer

Equipment and parts about the railway vehicles performs physical simulation creating a similar model to solve complex problems in the vehicle state. Also grasp the characteristics of the devices and parts then evaluate the the validity of the device.

Vibration Test Equipment

Vibration Test Equipment
Application Vibration durability test
Standard test IEC61373, MIL STD 810F 514, KS R 9186, KS R 9144
Actuate direction Horizontal / Vertical
Max. Load 500 kg
Capacity 0~200Hz, 9.8G
Size 6,700 * 2,500 * 1,300

Equipment and parts attached to the railway vehicle body are attached to a vibration tester and performs a resonant test, vibration function test, vibration endurance test. Also performs the validation about robust design of devices and parts.

Vibration Test Equipment

Walk in Chamber

Walk in Chamber
Application Environmental reliability test of railway products
Product range Brake operating unit, driving gear unit, pantagraph, brake cylinder
Temperature range '-60℃~120℃
Humidity range 30% ~ 98%
Rising speed of temperature 1℃ /min
Size 4,000 * 2,400 * 2,100

In relation to railway vehicle devices and parts, In order to investigate the effect of environmental (temperature) perform not natural environment but artificially created environment to High temperature shelf test (TSH), low temperature shelf test (TSL), high-temperature operation test (TDH) and low temperature operation test (TDL).

Walk in Chamber