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Lab Introduction

We, R&D Center, are playing a pivotal role for the constant growth and development of the company since the establishment in 1987.
We, R&D Center, have around 30% of expert R&D engineers of our company members, and they are all carrying out all current and new projects of braking system, coupler system, pantograph system, driving gear unit and all related new products’ development for LRV, Monorail, Tram, EMU, High Speed Train, Electric Locomotives and also sort of national projects.
We, R&D Center, are systemized in the process of perfect design and performance & quality verification based on not only high level of technical engineering such as all sort of simulation, structure analysis, hardness analysis, thermal analysis but also all sort of testing such as endurance test, environment test, vibration test and dynamometer test etc.
Also to be the core in jumping up to be a leading company in the world, we all members are doing their best through the constant self-development as well as the capability improvement in technical side and the artisan spirit, and all R&D members will surely be the new growth engines of our company, YUJIN Machinery Ltd.
Yujin's technical research institute on components of railway vehicle, Yujin's technical research institute on industrial compressor, Attached research institute of Yujin Machinery on Electronic components of railway vehicle
Continuous research and development will become a source of growth engine for Yujin